spore is a evolution simulation game based around the progression of a single celled organism to a space-faring race of advanced technology! you start as a cell, and slowly progress as you learn how to stand on two legs, use tools, form communities, cities and eventually colonies in outer space!
spore was created by a man named will wright. after seti was founded, he decided to investigate the idea of astrobiology and was also inspired by Power of Ten, and created a concept sketch of his own personal planet.
Throughout the next years, spore was developed. it is the balance between fantasy and science, cute and scary, and funny and serious! While learning about the development of this game I realized how special it really was. very few games allow for the amount of creativity and sometimes game breakingly interesting concepts. as the final page of my "evolution of spore" book says- the evolution will not be televised!

despite the simple nature of this game, i have enjoyed it for over a decade. it is a game i have over 1500 hours on which is pretty impressive if i say so myself!!! i know a lot about the game, and i enjoy collecting its sparce merchandise and collectables. i currently own two of the books released with the game, the art book and devlopment book. im really interested in how it was made, and ive made characters and stories through it!

its definitely a game id reccomend. it is very special to me and i hope it can be special to you too!! if youre interested in playing the game, its available on steam. below are my favorite creatures, images, music, and videos from the spore universe!