oops. well, that's embarassing. school got ahead of me and i ended up not updating. sorry!

happy november! i added some little tidbits here and there. in a few days ill add new art

new url, new me. let me know if anything is broken.

oops! i forgot to update this section for quite a while. have no fear, lighthouse repairs are being done behind the scenes! i've created two new pages and added them to my interest's page!

wow! im 17 now! how time flies. added some new art to the art page! thanks for visiting the lighthouse!

my birthday is on the 13th!! im so excited. updates might lessen around that time as i'll be celebrating with my family. in other news, i finished the entomology section on the resources page and added a new piece of art to the art gallery!!!!!!!!!!

happy august! i added another piece of art to the art page and updated the look of some other pages! tell me how you feel about it. also, my birthday is in ten days!!!

well, frames are not working out well. curse my outdated knowledge of HTML!!! if anyone has any way to convert it to a more streamlined system im open ears! anyways, im planning to add a music section soon. i hope you all enjoy!!!!!!

i added a new piece of art as the side bar image and im going to be adding some pages about things i like today! i hope you all have more fun!!

ive decided to change the look up- im not a dark person, so im going to make it brighter! will be done tomorrow. thanks for visiting during repairs!
added some new pages, will work on them in the meantime! also, did you knotice? i added a guestbook! please say hi =+]

site is up! thank you all for your patience. the lighthouse is officially open!